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Biogel Firm

Moisturizing hydrogel. Formulated with growth factors and propriety peptides to help support collagen and elastin production. Skin plumping hydration in an oil free, lightweight gel. Ideal for men, especially after shaving. Suitable for oily or acne-prone skin. Helps support post-treatment skin.

Hyalis +

Intensive hydrating serum. Seals in and prevents evaporation of skin moisture. Sodium polyglutamate helps preserve and boost skin's own hyaluronic acid. Enhances skin elasticity, soothes post treatment skin.

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Lumiere Firm

Illuminating and tightening eye cream. Formulated with growth factors and propriety peptides to help support collagen, elastin, and HA production in the area of the delicate eye area. Moisturizes and brightens, reduces puffiness with caffeine, and addresses dark circles and crow's feet.

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Nouvelle +

Retinol correction cream. Powered by MELAPLEX technology, which is a proprietary blend of four ingredients that work together to minimize the appearance of skin discoloration and help brighten dark spots. Sustained release of 0.7% retinol with low to limited skin irritation. Addresses dark spots, uneven skin tone, and fine lines and wrinkles.

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Skin brightening cream. Brightens skin tones. MIRAPLEX technology helps to reduce the appearance of skin discoloration. Replenishes natural moisture balance. Strengthens and revitalizes with vitamins C and E.

Theraderm NuPeel

This micronutrient-rich enzyme exfoliating gel gently removes dead skin cells to promote glowing, radiant skin appearance. Utilizing papaya/papain enzymes to naturally exfoliate, and packed with a number of botanical extracts like aloe, pineapple, grape seed, green tea leaf and cucumber, NuPeel is like an at-home, natural facial peel in a bottle.

Theraderm Platinum Protection Sunscreen

Protect your face from the sun and still wear your makeup at the same time without pilling, beading, stinging eyes or running makeup with this oil-free facial sunscreen. SPF 43, broad-spectrum UV protection helps keep you safe from skin-aging UVA rays and skin-damaging, cancer-causing UVB rays.

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